Anndee and Ian standing in the desert.
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Thank you for taking the time to read about us. The first thing we want you to know, is that the toughest thing about starting our own business, was writing our own bio. We don’t like to talk about us, but we know it’s important for you to know who you’re working alongside, so we did it.

We are Anndee Laskoe and Ian Hughes, insert an awkward "hi" here. We’re creative collaborators in life and in business. Call us a package deal, we’re married and we like each other enough to also share an office and all of our ideas. His brain balances mine and mine, his, although he might challenge me on that depending on the day.

We have been working in the creative business for many MANY moons, although we question how it came to be that we are more than 27 years old. Magic?!

Anndee is a journalist with a degree from the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Southern California, she spent 16 years in television news (both in front of and behind the camera), a few in public relations, and several more as a director of brand content for a tourism bureau. Ian is an artist, and creative generalist with decades of experience shooting, editing, coloring, and doing graphic and sound design for a multitude of commercial and digital projects. Together they have won two Emmy Awards, earned four additional Emmy nominations and countless local and regional Ad Federation Awards for their projects.

When we’re not helping you tell your story, we are living ours. We are mom and dad to three beautiful boys, an entire menagerie of creatures, and are cultivators of a thriving vegetable and flower garden.

Find us right now and tell us about you.